Virtual Volunteer Opportunities


Program Title: Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Program Description: While most of our volunteer assistance is needed through in-person opportunities, we do offer multiple ways to support the work of our organization from anywhere in the world at any time of your choosing! Whether through assistance with research for our legal or social services team, outreach to partner/like-minded organizations, or design of marketing or informational materials, there are a variety of opportunities to help us remotely. If you are a believer in our mission and support for immigrants in the US but unfortunately cannot join for our in person volunteer opportunities, this assistance is a great way to get involved and help out.

Jobs Offered: We typically need support with the following tasks as part of virtual volunteer opportunities we offer

  • Research Support 
  • Community Outreach 
  • Informational & Marketing Material Creation

Opportunity Requirements:  


  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Knowledge of Certain Computer Software (Microsoft Office Suite)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills 
  • Strong cross-cultural communication abilities  
  • Being a team player  
  • Positivity and enthusiasm for our work 


  • Fluency in English and Spanish 

COVID-19 Policies:  Due to the remote nature of these opportunities, proof of COVID vaccination is not required for participation 


  • Our virtual volunteer opportunities are not offered on a set schedule and can be complete on your own time and schedule
  • However, our deadline/due date will be provided by our volunteer coordinator and failure to submit by then will result and limiting participation in virtual volunteer opportunities moving forward

Technology Needed:

  • Laptop/Mobile device

Sign Up: To join us to assist at one of our offices and assist us, please note the opportunities we are offering below! Our Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to a provide you with more information on the opportunity and connect  you with any Ayuda staff/team you will be assisting. If you have any questions about this opportunity, please don’t hesitate to reach out to him at volunteers@ayuda.com.

Sorry, there are no shifts available at this time.

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